Destination Spas, A Great Way To A Weekend Out

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I have a nose for news and I keep looking for various lifestyle news and fashion and beauty information for my readers. I have often come across the words Destination Spa and Resort Spa and I have learnt there is some difference between the two.

Although these meager differences are getting blurrier, everyday, says my favorite writer Anitra Brown yet there is something to them in their own kinds that people are so mesmerized about. A destination spa is meant to give you a wonderful lifestyle all through. At the destination Spa you not only go for a massage or well being of your body but you are also taken care of regarding the cuisines they offer.

So it is really the veggies, the whole grains and the fruits all through and an overall nutritional education program that keeps you going. Besides, you have a crux on the programs of stress reduction and fitness. There are treatments including massage, aromatherapy and other therapeutic measures.

You also get to listen to a lot of lectures that help you to imbibe healthy habits of eating, & staying clean, etc. You can visit the destination spas for a two days and 3 nights vacation program for taking the full benefit of it all. The prices include the classes, the meals and also the spa treatments.

The destination spas are somewhat different compared to the resort spas. The resort spas would offer you treatments along the activities like tennis and golf. They also offer the spa cuisine options and the wellness classes. For all these the charges are usually extra. Recently there is very little difference between these two types. Some inns and hotel resorts prefer calling themselves the destination spas even though there are differences in what they both offer.

The destination spas offer food that is mainly prepared for weight loss and the calories are mainly restricted. They perhaps don’t serve alcohol but some may serve wine for dinner. Destination spas aim at providing healthy food which are not always organic. The Destination Spas usually have people who are like minded and they come here for friendship along with friends and family.

They have the same type of interests and they might go for exercise classes, hikes and also share food together. The staff is also very enthusiastic thus permeating a healthy atmosphere of friendship and well being all around. The Destination spas could be small as well as big and they might hold between 8 to 250 people. The average number of people at these spas is some where around 60. There are people from a budget spa background to those who spend around eight thousand dollars per day.

Some Destination Spas today have a wine bar or a steak house and these are the kinds of activities that take place in a destination spa. There are massage therapists of repute who have their own oil blends of natural essential oils to treat your particular problem and there are also some holistic aroma-therapists who offer you customized blends of oil for a massage. Interesting, isn’t that? You can also try your hand at making your own remedy oil at such clinics that the Destination Spa includes. So when you come out of the Spas you are a changed self and you look forward to go there for another re-charging session soon.

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