Importance of Positivity

On Thursday, May 24th, 2012

There is a lot to the way we think. Our actions are based on the way we think. A positive mode of thinking helps in the actions and efforts that are directed to achieve success, excel and master whatever we are doing.

It is said a person who thinks positively is more likely to be happy because the thoughts will always be oriented towards the completion of work, and then following something new to do, which becomes an unabated quest for learning and hence the interest in the world around us never wanes.

This leads to new discoveries and knowledge which is a source of joy to a curious mind. There is no stopping and there is no dearth of knowledge and actions.

It is said that you should always think positive. This is because if one starts to think negatively, the mind tends to spiral downwards trying to deduce the negative consequences of an action. This results in stress and anxiety which also are also physically harmful.

On the other hand, if one starts thinking along positive lines, one is able to get a clear view of what lies ahead and the gates of immense opportunities open up. The opportunities may or may not be success oriented, but they certainly give one options on what to explore next.

This is like choosing a mathematics book to study and when you open it, you can choose amongst arithmetic, algebra or geometry. When you start working on geometry, you will come to know about trigonometry and so on.

But if you do not open the book at all thinking that you will not be able to cope with the subject, you would have closed other avenues for yourself as well.

A positive frame of mind helps you focus on what you have to do whereas negative thinking tends to drive you away from it. If you think positively about a task at hand by thinking that you will do it right in the first go, you will be able to focus on the nuances of the task and also what lies beyond.

Conversely, if you think you cannot, you will not even endeavor properly to do the basic task, let alone being able to take up what lies ahead.

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